About me

Born in The Netherlands, may 13 - 1958. Mother of two daughters, wife of painter Ernst Merhottein (

I have always made drawings on every piece of paper. Started painting when I was about 20, first oilpaint, afterwords acrylics. From about 1990 I was active in the art world of Haarlem / Holland, having exhabitions on various locations, but in 2008 I mooved to another city. I started working with leather, making bags and phone/iPad cases. Due to the financial crisis, Ernst and I mooved to Turkey in 2014. I started painting again, as well as working with wood.

La Kôko

In The Netherlands I desinded handbags, smartphone- and iPad covers. Unfortunately I could not continue this work in Turkey, but I might take it up again some day. La Kôko is the name of my business.

Short lifecycle

Left the Netherlands (17) for Athens/Greece. Mooved to Rome/Italy a year later. Stayed in Vienna/Austria for a while till I met my first husband in Holland (21). I worked for the NGO 'PLAN Netherlands' for 10 years, took care of my childeren, assisted my husband in our restaurants and bars, until we separated in 2004.

I met Ernst in 1980. We got an affair in 2007 and married in 2010. We were both members of the City counsel of Velsen for the Green Party from 2010-2014. After losing jobs and everything else we had worked for during a lifetime, we left for Turkey by car with three dogs and an old cat. In September 2016 we got an apartment in Holland again. Unfortunately, the Dutch home is to small for any creative explosion, so we travel a lot. We are living in our third Turkish house, which has a lot of space. During the warm seasons I started working with wood I find in the forests all around us.


Concerning art:

Graphic School MTS, Amsterdam

Private lessons, teacher of Academia di Belle Arti, Rome

Vrije Academie Kennermerland, Netherlands

Nevertheless, I see myself primarily as autodidact.

Busy with . . .

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"Als je kunst te goedkoop maakt, neemt niemand je serieus." hoor ik vaak, heel vaak. Maar wie kan 800 of 1500 € uitgeven voor een schilderij of een beeldje? Voor velen zijn dat maandinkomens. Ik heb een hekel aan Ikea's aan muren, en daarom is mijn werk nooit duurder dan 300 €. Kunst behoort aan iedereen toe.

Als een werk te koop is, staat de prijs achter de naam op de pop-up. Staat die er niet , dan is het werk niet te koop of al verkocht.

Selfie on the road
Flat tire near Köln
7th day, the Turkish border
Our three dogs. Peppa died 11/2014, Noah died 02/2016, Ventje (their son on the right) is 11 years old.
Kato in her bench (died, age 17, in 2017)
LouLou, died of a snakebite in aug. '18, 3 years old.
Emma, from the Göcek Shelter (3)
Jenna, came with the house, probably 5 years old.
Güçlü, a few months old
Layla, has the distemper virus
Our (rented!) house in Gökçeovacık, Turkey