People & Portrets
Woman with fur coat (70x100 acrylics on paper)
Crap (80x100 acrylics on canvas, collage (€ 200)
Mascarade (acrylics on canvas)
Anna & Lina (120x120 acrylics on canvas)
Lina (70x90 acrylics on canvas)
Ernst (acrylics on canvas 40x60)
The eyes of Callas (70x100 acrylics on paper)
Lina, drawing
Lady in Paris (70x100 acrylics on paper)
Patty (70x100 acrylics on paper)
Woman with tree (70x100 acrylics on paper)
Bert (70x100 acrylics on paper)
Lingerie Salon (70x100 acrylics on paper)
Anna (100x120 acrylics on canvas)
Aluminum (collage/acrylics 70x100)
Cansu 2
Lina (drawing, study)
Turkish man (drawing) (€ 25)
Cansu 1
Omi El Habibe (50x70 acrylics on paper)
Epke Zonderland, acrylics on paper 35x45, (€ 75)
Ballerina (70x100 acrylics on canvas)
Lolly Elvis (1)
Anna portret 2017
Lina, drawing 30x40
Inez Weskie, acryl op papier 25x35, € 75
Lolly Elvis (2)
Theo Hiddema, acryl op papier 35x45 (€ 75)
Maria Magdalena, acryl op doek 50x60, € 250
Theo Hiddema, acryl op papier 25x50, € 75
Lolly Elvis 3
Francien, acryl op doek 40x60
Francien, acryl op papier 30x40
Restored, acrylics on canvas, 50x100, € 200